The following are the guidelines and expectations of our guests.

Recovery Process

All guests must be actively involved in recovery.

Participating in 12-step meetings. (There is an expectation of making 5 meetings a week) 

Finding and working with a sponsor. 

Making commitments of service at meetings.

Zero Tolerance Policy: There are three cardinal rules at New Hope. No drug or alcohol use. No violence or threats of violence. No theft of other’s property 

Violation of these rules will result in immediate removable from the New Hope Home without benefit of eviction proceedings or any other prior notice. In addition, there are no ‘refunds” for any fees paid to New Hope. Note: Anyone asked to leave will have 72 hours to pick up their belongings before they are donated to Goodwill.

Random Urine Analysis Testing: All guests will be required to submit to random “testing”. A ‘positive’ test will result is immediate removable from New Hope. Refusal of a urine test will be considered the same as a ‘positive’ test and the guest will be asked to leave. 

Religion: New Hope is not a “faith-based” program but we support all faith practices. Guests will be expected to be respectful of other’s right to seek support through their faith. 

New Guests: There is no “black-out” period at New Hope. However, during the first 30 days there will be a greater level of accountability for all new guests. Each guest must check-in by 6:00pm. Leaving the house after this time will only be allowed when accompanied by a sponsor or senior guest in order to attend a meeting.

Curfew: All guests should be “in house” by 10pm unless prior arrangements have been made.

House meetings: There will be a weekly house meeting to discuss personal and house business. Everyone will be expected to attend unless working.

Chores: Every guest will be assigned daily chores to help maintain a clean & orderly house and yard. Once a week there will be ‘extra’ cleaning activities assigned by the house manager.  

Food: Every guest will supply their own food. There will be assigned storage provided for dry and refrigerated goods. 

House Food:  There is a designated area for food available to guests who have not been able to obtain their own supplies. These recourses are limited but available to everyone.

Food Preparation: Any food prepared must be followed by a proper clean up. Each guest is responsible for the cleaning up after themselves in all areas of the house, especially in the kitchen and bathroom.

Laundry: There are coin operated machines available on site. 

Smoking: Smoking is allowed in the designated areas only.

House guests: No women are allowed in the house without prior approval. All other guests must be actively involved in recovery.

Computer: There is a computer available to all guests. Use of the computer should be limited to research involving employment or obtaining public recourses. Social media will be limited to ten minutes daily. There is absolutely no pornography

Television: The TV will be turned off during the day from 10am – 3pm and turned off at 10pm.

House off limits: From 10am – 3pm guests should be outside the house at work, looking for work, attending meetings, or obtaining public assistance. New guests within there first week should be accompanied by a clean & sober person when leaving the house. We are willing to work with you in regards to all the “time” related regulations but you need to be demonstrating a willingness to do the right thing and work within safe & sober boundaries. 

General Responsibilities: Keeping your area and personal property in order is part of respecting the other people around you. Respect is the corner stone of activities within the house which includes respecting the space and property of other guests. If there are any problems or conflicts, discuss them with the house manager or bring up your concerns at the house meeting.